Upcoming Performances:

Want to know where you can enjoy Cheryl’s music? You’re in the right place, here is our schedule of upcoming performances.

Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire –  Kings Valley, OR (Corvallis, OR area) 
Come be thee blythe and merry at the Renaissance Faire! Just 15 miles and 500 years away from downtown Corvallis. Here enchantment awaits young and old alike as jousting knights and noble steeds clash on the tourney fyld while minstrels, troubadours, jongleurs, dancers and bards fill the lanes with delight.  

Viking Feast– Enumclaw Danish Sisterhood, Enumclaw, WA 
Sat October 19th 2019 – Join us for great food, fun entertainment and lots of DRINK! Menu featuring whole smoked pig prepared by Award Winning Olsen’s Meats! 

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

The performances listed above are at Renaissance Faires or similar events. Along with enjoying Cheryl’s music, you’ll find lots of other fun things to do!